12 Rules to Bonsai Tree Branch Selection

12 Rules to Bonsai Tree Branch Selection

12 Rules to Bonsai Tree Branch Selection

When you make bonsai, which branch should you grow and which branch should you prune – 12 Rules.

First let your tree grow well for at least 2 to 3 years then think for branch selection.

Before branch selection, choose the front of your tree. After that select the bonsai branches if the branch structures are not properly visible to you. Then defoliate all the branches first and their layout will be visible to you.

Rule 1

Branches growing from the ground level to be pruned.  Because they are not bonsai suitable branches.

Rule 2

Remove branches directly pointing towards you. These are called eye poker branch. It covers the bonsai apex it should not be.

Rule 3

Branches growing from the similar height of the trunk line towards opposite direction, you can grow any one of them and have to decide which branch is more authentic to grow and prune the other.  Prune the branches has grown from inside of the curve.

Rule 4

Should not be any parallel branches on bonsai.  Adjacent two branches growing towards same direction, they are not bonsai suitable at all. Keep any one of them. You have to decide which one to be pruned and which is to be grown.

Rule 5

Branches growing from almost same point must not be there. You have to prune one of them.

Rule 6

Any branch growing vigorously compare to other branches, prune it. Branch can damage your bonsai due to this and growth of other branches can be stopped.


Rule 7

Any sub branch from any branch has growing towards opposite direction, prune it.

Rule 8

Any branch that is growing straight downwards, prune it.

Rule 9

Any branches is growing straight upwards, prune it too.

Rule 10

The tip of the main trunk line or apex has to be pruned.  The growth of the tree will be controlled. Otherwise the whole energy will be spent to grow the apex.  Rest of the branches which are growing in bottom will die back eventually.

Rule 11

Grow the secondary branches grown from the primary branch and prune the tip of the primary branches.

Rule 12

Bonsai tree branch should not be there up to one third of the total height.  This branch is to be pruned too.  Result that the trunk line will be well visible and will be look like a matured tree.

This 12 rules of bonsai tree branch selection help you to grow a best bonsai tree.

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