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Bonsai Tree - Best gift of your loved one and also have several
Psychological and Health benefits and tree of life also. You can add few
bonsai trees in your home and such plants will increase the Aesthetic Appeal.

Brussel's Bonsai Tree "Live Money Indoor Bonsai Tree"-4 Years Old 10" to 14" Tall with Decorative Container

Money Tree
  • CONTENTS: Bonsai, Decorative Container (Assorted Colors & Styles), Soil, Care Instructions. SPECIES: Money trees are actually water chestnut trees made into Bonsaian, evergreen with lovely bright green foliage, extraordinarily hardy and traditional symbols of good luck, all of which makes them a perfect gift for others or a gift to yourself if you need a little extra positive karma.
  • AGE/SIZE/CARE: Your small 4 year old bonsai will arrive between 10″ to 14″ tall in a 6″ container and will perform best indoors (see detailed care instructions in images)
  • USES: Ideal Mother’s Day gift, office & cubicle décor or a centerpiece for any kitchen table, desktop, window plant or outdoor décor.

Money Tree Pachira Bonsai Fluffy Elephant Indoor/outdoor 4'' Pot Unique From Jmbamboo

  • 5 braided Money Tree in a elephant ceramic pot
  • with pot dimensions of 6.5″ length, 4″ width, 4.25″ height.
  • The tree will stand about 10 – 11 inches from the top of the pot.
  • Plants are always excellent feng shui for a home or office because they bring vibrant Chi, or energy into your place.
  • It is said that the five leaves of the Money Tree signify the balance of nature. estimated delivery 1-3 days

Costa Farms Ponytail Palm Bonsai, Live Indoor Plant, 15 to 20-Inches Tall, Ships in Scheurich Ceramic Planter, Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift or Home Décor

  • EASY CARE! Keep the soil of Ponytail Palm on the dry side. Water sparingly–only when the soil feels dry. This easy-care plant stores water in its trunk.
  • LOVES INDOOR LIGHT: Ponytail Palm thrives best in bright light. BONUS! A VANILLA CREAM DECORATOR POT: Ponytail Palm is planted in a 6.75-inch Scheurich pot. The plant is grown with care by the horticultural experts at Costa Farms.
  • REAP HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that raising plants such as Ponytail Palm help clear indoor air of pollutants. Having plants in your home improves your mood, sparks your creativity, and reduces stress.
  • ENJOY LIVING HOME DÉCOR: Ponytail Palms look like living sculptures. This healthy plant ships at a minimum of 20 inches tall. Keep this plant for yourself or give as a gift!

Nearly Natural 4764 15in. Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree

  • A truly beautiful specimen symbolizing the botanical beauty of Japan (and other parts of the world as well). Staying low to the ground at 15 inches, this Cherry Blossom Bonsai is perfect for those seeking elegance and tranquility. 
  • Shop with confidence knowing our collections… “looks so real, they’re Nearly Natural!” Pioneers in our industry; Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire head designers with years of experience in the live plant industry. We source products with a sound and in-depth knowledge of our industry…Nature.
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 17.5 In. W x 10 In. D x 15 In. H; Planter/Vase Dimensions: W: 11 in,H: 2.5 in, D: 6.5 in. Measurements are from the bottom of the planter/vase to the furthest extended flower or leaf on the arrangement. 
  • No Maintenance Required; No Watering. Looks full and fresh every day; wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Dahlia 5.2""Top Virtue is Like Water Zisha Bonsai Planter Flower Pot w. Saucer, Dark Brown

  • Chinese idioms zisha planter with drainage and saucer
  • MEASUREMENT: 5.2L x 5.2W x 2.7H inches; mouth 4.7 x 4.7 inches; securely packed
  • MULTI-USE: Use as decorative holder for candles, pens and small knickknacks
  • RISK FREE: Covers all defects and damages with no-question-asked return policy.

Brussel's Bonsai Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree-7 Years Old 8" to 10" Tall with Decorative Container 5.2""Top Virtue is Like Water Zisha Bonsai Planter Flower Pot w. Saucer, Dark Brown.

  • Contents: bonsai, decorative container (assorted colors & styles), soil, Care instructions.
  • Species: in the Ficus family, The golden gate variety is the Best for growing indoors. The attractive gray trunk is thick and sturdy topped by small, dark green oval foliage.
  • Age/size/Care: your medium 7 Year old bonsai will arrive at 8″ To 10″ Tall in a 8″ Container and will perform Best indoors (see detailed care instructions in images).


Brussel's Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree - 20 Years Old; 18
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Brussel's Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree - 20 Years Old; 18
9GreenBox - Money Tree Bonsai with Ceramic Pot